Edinburgh Old Town Story Theatre


New Story Theatre at the Netherbow Theatre, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh. 23rd & 27th June


Being the unreliable final confession of William Hare regarding his acquaintance with William Burk, with interruptions and contradictions by Mrs. Margaret Hare.

In the early 19th century teaching hospitals were eager to obtain dead bodies for dissection. The supply came from Grave Robbers, stealing corpses from churchyards. In Edinburgh, in the year 1828, two Irish labourers, William Burke and William Hare come up with a novel way of supplying the demand.

When they were caught, William Hare turned King’s evidence, Burke was hanged in the Grassmarket and, despite a huge public outcry, Hare was released. His subsequent travels are uncertain.

Our knowledge of the events is largely based on the two accounts given by William Burke. Hare’s confession was lost. His version of the story is not known.

Now, ten years after the events, we hear William Hare’s final, unreliable, confession.

http://www.tracscotland.org/scottish-storytelling-centre/centre-events for details.


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